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One of my clients told me of an article he saw recently. Unfortunately he couldn’t remember where he saw it. The article said this, “80% of businesspeople surveyed said that Referrals were extremely valuable for their business but only 3% had a method for getting Referrals.” A Referral is the second easiest sale you’ll ever make. If you gain a client from a Referral they’ll stay with you longer than clients from other sources. So what is one of the reasons people are challenged with getting Referrals? I can tell you a simple story to illustrate. My daughter is almost 5 years old and last month I took her on a field trip out to the country. We were discovering the beauty of nature using a magnifying glass. She was amazed at beauty of nature up close. It was a sunny day so I thought I’d show her one of the uses of a magnifying glass. I found a dead leaf and focused the rays of the sun on one spot. It wasn’t but a few seconds until smoke was rising, the leaf began getting hotter, and a hole was burned in the leaf. My daughter was so excited, she wanted to try. I gave her the magnifying glass and found a new leaf. She tried and tried to do the same thing I did but she couldn’t. She wasn’t able to hold the glass still and focus the suns rays. This is exactly one of the challenges most people have when it comes to the Referral process. They haven’t bought into the value of the Referrals so they don’t have a system to “focus” their efforts on getting more referrals. Their sales slump, their client base dwindles, and their business dips. I’ve worked with thousands of people helping them get all the referrals they need to grow their business. The first thing I teach them to do is to develop a Referral plan then focus on it daily. When you do this you’ll begin seeing Referrals come to you and help you solve many of your financial challenges.

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