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Warren Buffet was recently asked what is the best investment someone could make in a depressed time? Without hesitation he said, “The best investment you can make in a depression is to invest in yourself.” I hope you can take these ideas to help develop more skills to help you gather one or two new clients. Stay tuned for next week for more tips to grow your business by using referrals. If you can gather one new client from each tip each week at that end of the year you will have a much bigger client base.

First And Foremost You Must Focus On The Referral Process.
Focus like a “laser”. You can take better photographs than a professional. You can do this with a throwaway camera. And the professional can have the most expensive camera system produced. You can do this if the professional isn’t allowed to do one thing. What is that one thing? “FOCUS”. If you are allowed to focus you can produce exacting results. If you are not focused, then the most you will have will be fuzzy results.

No Matter How Smart Or Hard Working You Are, You Can’t Do It Alone.
Everyone needs help at one time or another to become successful. Everyone from Donald Trump to Sam Walton to Bill Gates. There are very few truly successful “hermits”. What’s the best way to make this happen? If you haven’t read Napoleon Hill’s great work, “Think and Grow Rich”, I would suggest you do. One of the characteristics he lists for all successful people is to be engaged in a MASTERMIND GROUP. A mastermind group is a group of people coming together for like thinking. The “synergy” created is much greater than for a group of individuals working separately.

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