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“There’s Riches In Niches.”

One of the biggest traps you can fall into when it comes to marketing your business is the trap of, “Everyone needs what I have.” That may be true. Everyone may “need” what you have. However, does everyone “want” what you have or do they “think” what you have is for them. Who do you […]

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Building your Business with Referrals

Warren Buffet was recently asked what is the best investment someone could make in a depressed time? Without hesitation he said, “The best investment you can make in a depression is to invest in yourself.” I hope you can take these ideas to help develop more skills to help you gather one or two new […]

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Why is “Word Of Mouth” marketing critical to your business? “Word Of Mouth” is another word for Referrals.

The easiest sale you’ll ever make is to a client you already have. The SECOND EASIEST sale you’ll ever make is to a prospect you obtained from “Word Of Mouth” or a Referral. Why are these sources of prospects critical to you and your business? It’s very simple. You whole business and lifestyle can be built upon the quality of the prospects you receive. In other words, the most important part of the sales prospect is the quality of the prospect you’re calling on. Unfortunately most people struggle with the referral process.

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