Why is “Word Of Mouth” marketing critical to your business? “Word Of Mouth” is another word for Referrals.

The easiest sale you’ll ever make is to a client you already have.  The SECOND EASIEST sale you’ll ever make is to a prospect you obtained from “Word Of Mouth” or a Referral.  Why are these sources of prospects critical to you and your business?  It’s very simple.  You whole business and lifestyle can be built upon the quality of the prospects you receive.  In other words, the most important part of the sales prospect is the quality of the prospect you’re calling on.  Unfortunately most people struggle with the referral process.  They struggle with making it work.  The reason?  They just don’t know what to say to motivate people to refer them.   I hope you don’t fall in this category.  However, if you do, here’s a few things you can do to get around that challenge.  First, call on people you have a very good relationship with.  If you have a great relationship with business people, call on them to discuss how to make the referral process work.  Second, call on your clients.  They trust you or they wouldn’t still be doing business with you.  (The three critical reasons people do business with you is;  One, they like you, two they trust you, or three, you have a good product or service they need.  Of the three components, “TRUST” is the most critical.)  So call on your clients to talk about making the referral process work for you.

There are so many great benefits to getting referrals.  First, they’re easier to sell.  Second, they trust you more than other kinds of prospects.  Third, they’re more likely to refer you because that’s how they were introduced to you.  Fourth, they’re less likely to negotiate prices with you.  Fifth, they’ll stay with you longer as a customer.  They’re many more benefits of the referral process that I list elsewhere.

Once you’ve learned what to say to motivate people to refer you and even motivate them to call can schedule the appointments for you, you’ll join the top 5% of the sales producers in the U.S.

Soar With The Eagles

David L.Sims

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