Your latest referral tip

Think about all the friends you have. Did you meet them “cold” or did someone introduce them to you? I’ll bet that most of your best friends were referred to you. Many times your business relationships turn into personal friendships. Use the referral process to expand your friendship and business bases.

Remember, “Eagles Think Big, Turkeys Only Look At The Ground For Small Bits.”

A Good Referral System Can Provide You With Much More Than Business Contacts.

One of the side-benefits from getting referred to others is that more often than not the referrals you receive will turn into personal friends. Often you will find that your best clients sometimes turn into your best friends. When you look back on the way you were introduced to your clients was many times a referral.

How many times have you needed a product or service and didn’t know a good resource? You purchased from someone you didn’t know only to get ripped off or have such lousy service that you never wanted to see that vendor again. If you know someone and they recommend someone to you and you have a great experience, that person just saved you a considerable amount of time, effort, and money. When you do the same for someone else you save them a great deal of time, effort, and money and you look great in their eyes.

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