Two Big Mistakes People Make That Keeps Them From Getting More Referrals.

Mistake #1:  You don’t plan to get referrals.

The initial mistake that you may make that’ll keep you from getting referrals is very basic but very important.  It’s simply this, you don’t plan to get referrals.  If you want to be more successful, begin the month by setting aside some time (about an hour) to do some planning for your referral process.  Define who you want to meet with to ask for referrals.  Determine if there are any action steps you need to take to prepare any materials for getting referrals.  Set aside time for scheduling meetings to get referrals.  Usually if you’re like most people you’re not getting referrals simply because you’re not asking.  Do a little planning and you can put yourself in a position to ask.

Mistake #2:  You don’t have a clear picture of the prospect you want to be referred to.

Many times I’ll ask someone to describe their Ideal client for me and they’ll tell me  “everyone is my Ideal client.”   When I hear that reply I know the person hasn’t done enough research about the kinds of clients they need to build a really prosperous business.  You need to determine the “geographic, demographic, and psychographic” qualities for an Ideal client for you.  This may take some time but it is well worth the investment.  After all, would you rather use a “shotgun” approach, which is scattered and non-focused, for building your business?  Or a “rifle” approach that is more targeted, more efficient, more profitable, and more fun?   Here are some items to look for when you are searching for Ideal clients; Age, gender, do they own their own home or rent?  What kind of car do they drive?  What is their education level?  Are they a business owner or do they work for someone else?  What position do they occupy in the company?  Etc.

In Summary, one of the best ways to be more successful is to find a great system that is focused on the basis fundamentals and then implement and follow the system.  Vince Lombardi was noted as one of the best football coaches in the history of the game.  His philosophy for winning was simply to have a few key “fundamental plays.”  He then focused on executing them so well that his opponents couldn’t stop them even when they knew the play that Lombardi’s team was running.  The Referral System I’ve developed  is the same, it is a winning fundamental system to help you receive all the referrals you need to grow your business.

Remember, you can either Soar With The Eagles or scratch with the turkeys.

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