7 Reasons Why You Should Refer To Someone Else!

David Sims – Business Coach

I had a meeting with an excellent net worker recently and he asked me a simple question.  He asked, “how do I convince people in our groups that it is in their best interest to refer others?”  He then asked another question,

“What are the benefits they receive when they do refer?”

Now that’s a great question because almost everyone in a referral relationship is looking for ways to get others to refer to them.  So today I’m going to list many of the major benefits you’ll receive when you refer to others.

But first, here’s a question for you.  “Why should you attempt to get referrals in the first place?”  For one thing the easiest sale you’ll ever make is to a current client you have.  You’ll expend most of your money, time, and effort trying to get new clients.  It’s “FIVE” times as hard to sell something to someone you’ve never done business with than it is to a current client.  It’ll cost you “FIVE” times as much money to replace a current client as it will to keep one you already have.

The second easiest sale you’ll ever make is to an introductory referral you received from someone having influence with the person they’re referring you to!

Traditional advertising is getting extremely difficult to make it pay for itself because of all the noise in the market place.  You’re exposed to ten-times as much information in a 24-hour period nowadays as you were in a two-week period just ten years ago.  So the most effective way to build your business is with referrals.

Here are 7 reasons you should refer to someone else.

  1. The more you give the more you’ll receive.  There’s that universal law about, “What goes around comes around.”
  2. When you refer you must learn about the other person.  You’ll learn more about them personally and professionally.  Since getting referrals is all about building relationships, you’ll build a stronger relationship with that person.
  3. You’ll appear more professional when you refer.  People will begin viewing you as a “Center-Of-Influence” and a resource to go to.
  4. When you begin referring more, people you refer to will feel they need to repay you and will begin seeking out referrals for you.
  5. When you begin focusing more on the referral process you’ll see growth in the number of referrals coming back to you.  The reason for this is simple, “What you focus on in life expands.”
  6. When you help others succeed you’ll feel better about yourself.  This will grow your attitude and self-confidence.  This in turn will help you become more successful because “attitude and self-confidence” are key ingredients for success.
  7. And last but certainly not least, life is like a garden.  When you plant a seed you’ll receive a return for you effort.  If you plant negative, you get negative in return.  If you plant positive, you get positive in return.  You don’t get a return of “one-for-one” you get a return of “multiples.”  So it is with referrals.  When you plant a referral seed, you’ll get a return of multiple referrals.

Remember if you’re trying to build a business or an organization the second easiest sale you’ll ever make is to a referral.  Also, a referral is 50 times easier to sell to than a cold-call.

If you want some excellent “FREE” information about how to receive more referrals, go to www.referralspro.com and check it out.  If you have any questions or want more information about the referral process, you can call me at 417-831-0050 or email me at david@davidsimscoaching.com

Soar With The Eagles

David L. Sims

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