Ten Tips To Create More And Better Referrals

Ten Tips To Create More And Better Referrals

  1. First you must have a clear understanding of the term Referral.  Many people mistake a name or a lead for a referral.  There’s a big difference.  The true definition of a Referral is this, “An introduction to a decision-maker, on your behalf, by someone who has influence with the decision-maker.  And the person referring recommends the two of you meet or that you do business with each other.
  2. You must develop a regular “strategic planning time” to plan activities to engage in to put yourself in a position to get referrals.
  3. You must create and internalize a compelling introduction or “elevator speech” to completely explain all the services and benefits you bring to the marketplace in a very short time.
  4. Conduct a thorough and complete analysis of your database to identify the different kinds of clients you have.  You’ll find that your database will break down into four different categories of clients.  Each category will have certain characteristics about them.  You must know them all.  It’s important to know who you want as well as who you don’t want.
  5. You must have a clear target of the prospects you want to be referred to.  Most people take the “shotgun” approach.  To be very successful, you want the “rifle” approach to getting referred to prospects that will help you build a big business.
  6. Avoid the typical verbal traps people fall into when asking for referrals.  The number one reason people don’t get referrals is, “they don’t ask.”  The number two reason people don’t get referrals is, “they ask the wrong questions.”
  7. Create an introduction you can give to partners when they are introducing you to new prospects.  Selling is all about positioning and the first step in the positioning process is to get a referral.  The second step in positioning is what is said about you to the referral when you’re introduced.  To control the process you must control what people say about you when they introduce you.
  8. Have referral antennae.  Create a “referral awareness.” When a client or someone else speaks highly to you about your work or service, make note of that.  That creates an ideal environment for the right time to ask for a referral.
  9. A great way to get referrals is to give referrals.
  10. Create a reward system.  Whenever someone gives you a referral, give them a reward.  Reward them whether the referral turns into a sale or not.
  11. Make it a fun and enthusiastic event.  The more fun people have with their rewards, the more likely they are to refer you again.



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