How To Get Endless Referrals For Your Business

David Sims - Business Coach

David Sims – Business Coach

There are two ways to generate referrals for your business.  First, you can be proactive, and use a Referral System like the system I implement with companies, and go out and get referrals.  However, it requires work on your part.  You must create a description of your four kinds of clients.  You then need to go through your data base and identify your “Spheres of Influence, Referral Partners, and Clients.”  You then create a plan and set a goal to do the work to meet with all of these different resources to create the referrals you need to grow a prosperous business.

However, you may be like the majority of people and you just don’t have time to do all that work.  You’d rather have someone else do all that work for you.  Instead of you having to schedule the meetings, go through the uncomfortable feeling of asking to be referred to prospects, then asking about information about them, and then ask your resource to call and introduce you.  Or write a letter on your behalf for the introduction.  If you’re this kind of person then I have the answer for you about how you can get others to refer to you.  Here’s the key, “Provide extremely excellent customer service and an extremely exciting experience” when a customer does business with you.  Most business people provide just good enough service and just a good enough experience to keep their customers from going to someone else.  However, the customer service “WOW FACTOR” and “EXPERIENCE” isn’t good enough to get their customers talking about them to others.
For example, let’s measure your customer service on a scale from one to ten.  Let’s say one is “awful” and ten is “exceptional.”  Most companies will come in at a “3 or 4.”  If you are old enough you’ll remember that gas stations used to be called service stations.  Why you ask?  Because when you drove up to a gas pump at a “service station” an attendant would come out and ask you what you wanted.  You might respond, “Fill ‘er up with ethyl.”  Then the attendant would beginning filling up your gas tank.  While that was going on they then would check the air in your tires, wash your windshield, check your oil level and if you needed a quart of oil they’d add it for you.  They finished filling the tank with gas and you paid and drove off.  You felt pretty good about the exchange because you got more than you paid for.
Now fast forward to today.  The “service station” is no longer referred to as a “service station.”  It is a “Quick Stop, or Kum & Go, Quick Mart, Etc.”  Now you drive up to the pump and if you don’t want to use a credit card you have to walk into the store and pay for your gas in advance.  You then go out and put gasoline in your auto.  If you want your windshield washed you have to do it yourself.  If you want you air pressure checked, you have to do it yourself. And so on.  In other words you are satsified, but not excited, when you leave the station because you got what you paid for.  That’s not unlike what happens in most businesses today.  You get exactly what you paid for and nothing more so you have no story to tell your friends and neighbors about a unique place with exceptional service.
If you want your clients to refer their friends and neighbors to you then you must provide that exceptional serivce and experience so they will tell others about you.
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