Question: “How Do You Bridge The Trust Gap To Achieve A Landslide Of Referrals”? Answer: “By developing Bridgers!”

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David Sims - Business Coach

David Sims – Business Coach

You’ve probably heard me say several times, “The easiest sale you’ll ever make is to a customer you are currently doing business with.  The second easiest sale you’ll ever make is to a REFERRAL.”  I can’t emphasize that enough.  But where do most companies “spend and waste” most of their marketing and advertising dollars, time, and effort?  Chasing after new prospects they’ve never done business with.  So what is the key to developing that “Landslide of Business” from Referrals?  Here’s the answer, by developing Bridgers.
— So here’s the next question you’re going to ask.  What’s a Bridger?  I’ll explain.  There are three components that need to be present for you to make a sale.  First, people must like you, Second, they must trust you.  And third, you must have a product or service they need.  Now you’re probably asking why I brought this up about making a sale.  You see, obtaining a referral uses the same process as making a sale.  In a nutshell, if people don’t like you, trust you, or you can provide a good product or service for their clients, people won’t refer you.

The most crutial component of getting a referral is …..TRUST….  There is a trust gap between you and the prospect.  Imagine you are on one side of the Grand Canyon and your prospect is on the other side.  And you can’t make a sale until you are both on the same side of the Canyon.  That divide between the canyon walls represent “The Trust Gap.”  When you receive a referral to a prospect by someone having influence with that prospect, the “Trust Gap” is automatically closed.  You are then in a position to sell them because you and the prospect are on the same side of the canyon.
Who is it that is in the best position to connect the Trust Gap.  I call them Bridgers.  The reason I call them Bridgers is that they are a Center Of Influence who is in a position to refer you to your Ideal or Bread and Butter clients.  The Bridger could be a CPA, A Banker, A Minister, An Attorney, A Director of an organization, etc.  So instead of trying to get referred to an individual, get referred to a Bridger and develop a relationship with them.  Then watch what happens to your business.
David Sims
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