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David Sims - Business Coach

David Sims – Business Coach

David Sims,  Sales Coach To The Home Service Industry

When I was 21 years old, my life was headed down the wrong path.  I’d dropped out of college. I was dead broke.  I was living in my car, I didn’t have a job and I didn’t have any prospects of finding one anywhere.  Sometimes our lives take twists and turns and we’re not sure why but luckily my good fortune appeared when I met an ex Green Beret and he hired me to to to work for him.  I worked with him every day for eight years.  Those eight years were “life changing” for me.  From my mentor I learned life values, work ethics, self-discipline, morals, the concept of life-long-learning, and much, much more.

Those eight years changed my life forever.  That began my life of prosperity.  They were the building blocks I needed.  I shutter to think where I would be now had I not met that man.  I might not even be alive.

When I started my own business I used many of the disciplines my Mentor taught me.  Because this man made such a dramatic change in my life, my passion has been to make a difference in others lives.  My focus has always been to develop the skills and knowledge to help make positive changes in others business and personal lives for the better.  That was a promise I made to my mentor.

I constantly study and develop my skills so I can pass them on to others.  Sometimes just one change can make a major difference in a persons business or personal life.  I’ve helped business owners double their business in a year.  I’ve helped them cut the number of hours they work each week but maintain their income.  I’ve helped them change their marketing strategies that completely changed their business success.  Here’s a great question for you, “How would it impact your life if your business doubled this year?”

I wanted to give you some feedback about the results of the “Sales College” you implemented with our sales force.  Within the first month we had a record sale in our company.  This is the first time in the history of our company that any of our sales staff has closed a sales that is in excess of one million dollars.  We are going to finish the year well above projections.  In an industry where everyone is down over 10% in sales, we are going to be up over last years number in excess of 10%.
Gene Angel, McBee Binders, Inc.  Springfield, Mo.

I’ve been fortunate to work with thousands of businesses over the past 30 years.  I’ve learned from them and they’ve learned from me.  I’ve developed the skills and knowledge to create short cuts to help business owners become more successful.

I’ve focused my efforts on helping business owners in the Home Service Industry “grow their companies.”  I’ve worked as a consultant to The Dwyer Group, one of the largest home service franchise corporations in the U.S.  Their gross annual sales exceed one billion dollars.  My consulting areas were Mr. Electric, The electrical contractors; Air Services, The HVAC contractors; and Mr. Rooter, the plumbing contractors.

I’ve also been a business adviser for Dan Kennedy, one of the most successful authors and marketers of today.  I’ve worked with Dan Sullivan, The Strategic Coach.  I’ve worked with Mike Vance who was Walt Disney’s Creative Director.  Plus many more.

I’m not sharing these names with you to try to impress you or to brag.  I’m only sharing them to demonstrate the wide background I have in business development.

David worked with us over a year.  He helped our team with increasing our sales.  After David worked with us we were closing over 90% of our sales calls.  David would be a great resource for help with your marketing and sales.  John Nicholson, Ben Franklin Plumbers, Springfield, Mo.

The Psychological Sales Pathway

During the past 30 years I’ve created a unique selling and referral system.  The system follows the psychological pathway a person’s mind goes through when they are making a buying decision.  This system positions you from a position of strength each step of the process from the first appointment you set until you close the sales and get the check.

“The Ultimate Sales System For Professionals,” and “The Ultimate Referral System For Professionals,” are a must have for the serious home service professional.  That is if you want to gain the “Slight Edge” for success, and leave your competitor in your dust.

If you’re tired of running a business that is robbing Peter-to-pay-Paul each month to stay afloat. If you believe you deserve more.  If you have the skills and are competent at what you do.  But you just aren’t receiving the money you deserve for your service.  Are you bothered by the competitors that will drop their price so low that they lose money, to get the business?   Then you need to implement “The Ultimate Sales System For Professionals” and “The Ultimate Referral System For Professionals” in your company.  These systems  will give you the skills and strategies you need to land the business and receive what you deserve instead of having to settle for less.

I wanted to thank you for the consulting and coaching you provided for our company.  The Sales System you helped us implement has been extremely beneficial.  Also, the Referral System you implemented paid off the first week after training.  One of my branches secured an account the first week after the training.  The great thing about this was that the sale was for over $100,000.00.  The best thing was the sale came from a referral.  Had the project gone out to bid the total sale would have been less than $80,000.00.  I’ve seen increases in every aspect of our business since your training.
Jimmy Martin, owner of Mr. Electric, Pasadena, Tx.