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“There’s Riches In Niches.”

One of the biggest traps you can fall into when it comes to marketing your business is the trap of, “Everyone needs what I have.” That may be true. Everyone may “need” what you have. However, does everyone “want” what you have or do they “think” what you have is for them. Who do you […]

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Building your Business with Referrals

Warren Buffet was recently asked what is the best investment someone could make in a depressed time? Without hesitation he said, “The best investment you can make in a depression is to invest in yourself.” I hope you can take these ideas to help develop more skills to help you gather one or two new […]

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Why is “Word Of Mouth” marketing critical to your business? “Word Of Mouth” is another word for Referrals.

The easiest sale you’ll ever make is to a client you already have. The SECOND EASIEST sale you’ll ever make is to a prospect you obtained from “Word Of Mouth” or a Referral. Why are these sources of prospects critical to you and your business? It’s very simple. You whole business and lifestyle can be […]

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