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David Sims - Business Coach

David Sims – Business Coach

David is a business and athletic coach. David is married to his lovely wife Jill and they have two beautiful children. Eddie is almost 3 years old and Amanda is 6. About 25 years ago David opened The David Sims Coaching Company. David began his career by owning a training franchise. He trained supervisors, managers, and business owners to be more effective and productive. David eventually became one of the top of the 1% producers among over 800 franchise owners. David eventually changed his business model to coaching strictly business owners and to speaking to groups about referral marketing. David began coaching the Missouri State racquetball team in 1995. MSU consistently places in the top-ten in the nation of all schools in competition. David says that coaching business people is very similar to coaching athletes. There are basic fundamentals present in each. The players or teams who practice and execute the fundamentals most consistently will usually win. The same is true for business. In business there are basic fundamentals that are essential for success. If a businessperson or salesperson neglects those fundamentals, they’ll usually end up losing or generating a mediocre performance. David is the author of “The Referral System To Grow Your Business 217% Over The Next 12 Months.” David is also the author of “The Ten Secrets To Build Your Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams And Leave Your Competitors Gasping For Air.” David is a “go to coach” for company owners who want to coach their employees or themselves to perform at a higher level. If you want someone to hold you accountable for your performance so you can achieve more then David is the coach for you. David can be reached by e-mail at david@davidsimscoaching.com or you can call him at 417-831-0050 for consultation about which coaching program is best for you.

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