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David Sims - Business Coach

David Sims - Business Coach

The easiest sale you’ll ever make is to one of your current clients.  The second “easiest sale” you’ll ever make is to a referral.  If you have a great Referral System, there are several different kinds of Referrals you can get to help you build your business.  The reason Referrals are so powerful is because they help bridge the “relationship gap” between you, your company, and the prospect.  If getting new clients is difficult for you it may be that you’re calling on the wrong kind of prospect.  The right prospect is critcal for you to build a successful client base.  The higher the quality of prospect and the better the match for your product or service, the easier the sales process will be for you.  This is why an excellent Referral System is critical for you.  It gives you a blue-print for successfully getting the kinds of clients who trust and value what you do and it’ll make business a lot more fun.

Here’s the true definition of an A+ Referral.  “A Referral is an introduction to a decision-maker on your behalf by someone who has influence with the decision-maker and the influencer recommends a meeting or that the two of you form a business relationship.”

Have you ever gotten a referral from someone and the meeting didn’t go well or you couldn’t even set up a meeting?  That’s probably because the person referring you didn’t have much “influence” with the prospect.  The Referral System I’ve developed is the results of over 25 years of trial and error.  I’ve streamlined the system so that you can begin receiving qualified referrals within 24 hours after you gone through it.  You’ll learn the secrets about how to get referred to and even introduced to high quality prospects.

If you’ve ever read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber you understand how valuable “systems” are to building a successful, prosperous, and rewarding business.

My Referral System will teach you the sectets that only the top producers know about how to get referrals from; clients, referral partners, centers of influence, and you’ll even learn how to develop referral campaigns to get your clients easily and willingly refer to you.

The biggest expenditure of your money, effort, and time will be trying to get new clients to come through your door or to call.  To succeed you need work smarter and not harder?  When you invest money on advertising it’s usually ineffective.  It’s like going outside and diffing a hole, filling it with money, pouring gasoline on your money, lighting it with a match and watch your money go up in smoke. When you invest in the Referral System you’ll have a system and skills you can use forever.

If you’re interested in learning more about how coaching can help you achieve your business or personal goals; Or if you’re interested in a proven Referral System that will give you the skills to get all the referrals you need to achieve your goals and dreams, contact me at 417-831-0050 or e-mail me at david@davidsimscoaching.com.

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